We recognise activities at our operated assets can impact the health of our people and the communities where we operate . We set mandatory requirements to manage and protect the health and wellbeing of our employees and contractors governed by the jdb电子夺宝app对健康的要求 风险管理的标准和jdb电子夺宝app的强制性最低性能要求, as well as local regulatory requirements, 标准和程序.

jdb电子夺宝app对健康的要求 标准 is based on internationally accepted leading practice with the requirements to identify occupational exposures with the potential to cause harm; assess the risk posed by those exposures; implement exposure controls based on the hierarchy of control; and where exposure cannot be immediately reduced to an acceptable level, provide personal protective equipment and undertake health surveillance. 这种方法符合(或超过)jdb电子夺宝app运营管辖范围内的规定,并且可以, 例如, 可在2002年《jdb电子夺宝》第6至13条中找到.

有关识别和评估职业暴露过程的指导, jdb电子夺宝app特别参考:

  • 美国工业卫生协会的职业暴露评估和管理策略
  • International 标准 ISO TR7708:1995 Air quality – Particle size fraction definitions for health-related sampling
  • UK 健康 and 安全 Executive (HSE), 健康 and 安全 Laboratory Methods for the Determination of Hazardous Substances (MDHS)14/4: General methods for sampling and gravimetric analysis of respirable, thoracic and inhalable aerosols
  • 美国国家职业安全与健康研究所的分析方法手册和英国HSE, Methods for the Determination of Hazardous Substances
  • International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Radiation Protection and 安全 of Radiation Sources: International Basic 安全 Standards – Interim Edition General 安全 Requirements Part 3. IAEA 安全 Standards Series No. GSR Part 3(临时),2011年
  • European Union 标准s for whole-body and hand-arm vibration

jdb电子夺宝app工作场所的一些潜在健康风险包括暴露于肌肉骨骼压力源, 噪音, 煤矿粉尘, silica and diesel particulate matter (DPM), 以及心理健康影响. We manage our exposures to potentially harmful agents with internally specified occupational exposure limits (OELs) based on available scientific evidence and implement a program of preventative health measures and wellbeing support.

For our occupational exposures, jdb电子夺宝app设定OELs的过程包括定期监测和评估科学文献, 在同行之中基准测试, 与监管机构和oel设置机构的接触,以及专家的独立建议. jdb电子夺宝app的方法 to monitor and review our internal OELs is designed to ensure they continue to be aligned with or are stricter than applicable regulated health limits.

We conduct periodic medical surveillance to detect signs of potential occupational illness at an early stage and assist our people through the management of illness that is a result of exposure at our workplace and recovery. Our medical surveillance program is based on local regulatory requirements and evidenced-based industry best practice. 的 effectiveness of our exposure controls is regularly reviewed and subjected to periodic audit to verify the controls are implemented and operating as designed.

符合 jdb电子夺宝app的宪章 以及jdb电子夺宝app的关爱文化, jdb电子夺宝app开展各种活动,以增进员工的身心健康. 这包括为该地点提供适当的预防性保健措施, such as influenza vaccinations, 健身设施, healthy food alternatives at our worker accommodation camps and a Mental 健康 Framework focused on awareness, support and proactive management of mental wellbeing. We support the proactive management of mental wellbeing through the provision and promotion of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a mental health toolkit called Thrive, 教育和宣传活动(包括减少污名化)和jdb电子夺宝弹性计划.

A range of targeted health programs, such as the Better Sleep Program and Heat Management Program, 当有相关的工作场所问题时,是否可以在jdb电子夺宝app的运营资产中使用. Workers at remote sites are provided with medical emergency care and primary health care through onsite medical facilities with telehealth consultations available. 这些服务由合格的个人提供,不同于护理人员, 职业健康护士和医疗从业人员,视地点而定. 在jdb电子夺宝app的大多数远程操作中,这些服务在工作时间和工作时间之后都可以访问.

We continue to monitor emerging health issues and trends through our membership of industry and professional associations, 非正式的基准测试, networking and participation in national and international conferences. We also monitor information from scientific journals and occupational health regulatory setting and advisory agencies. 当健康问题有可能影响我国人民的健康或福祉时, we apply the jdb电子夺宝 Risk Framework to assess and manage the risk.

Fatigue management helps support the wellbeing of our people, including their mental and physical health. jdb电子夺宝app已经审查了疲劳管理策略,以确定需要进一步关注的领域. 今年, we undertook a review of our fatigue control mechanism and developed minimum requirements to be included in the jdb电子夺宝app对健康的要求 标准. 2022财年的优先事项包括嵌入控制机制,进一步改善疲劳管理.


  • 职业疾病

    在FY2021, the reported incidence of occupational illness (an illness that occurs as a consequence of work-related activities or exposure) for employees was 308, 这是4.每百万小时工作36小时,与2020财年的4小时相比略有增加.每百万小时工作30人.

    至于jdb电子夺宝app的承办商员工,报告的职业病发生率为180例,即1例.每百万小时工作87人,比2020财年增长31%. We do not have full oversight of the incidence of contractor 噪音-induced hearing loss (NIHL) cases in many parts of jdb电子夺宝 due to regulatory regimes and limited access to data.


    Excluded from this reporting are cases of 新型冠状病毒肺炎 among our employees and contractors that may potentially have arisen from workplace transmission. 这是由于要作出合理确定的结论存在固有的困难, that a person was infected as a consequence of work-related activities or exposure in a setting of high levels of community transmission, evolving understanding of the epidemiological criteria for infection and emerging 新型冠状病毒肺炎 variants with evidence of increased transmissibility. For internal risk management purposes, jdb电子夺宝app一直努力不断识别和应对工作场所传播的风险. 查看此信息, along with a suite of leading indicators, has supported the continual evaluation of the effectiveness of our 新型冠状病毒肺炎 controls and informed improvement opportunities.

    与前几年类似,肌肉骨骼疾病是报告的主要疾病类别. We are currently piloting A Participative Hazard Identification and Risk Management (APHIRM) approach in several of our 澳大利亚矿产资源 operations to reduce incidence of musculoskeletal illness. 的 APHIRM approach is an evidence-based system for workplace musculoskeletal disease risk management developed by La Trobe University.

    的 main changes in the incidence of occupational illness in FY2021 compared to FY2020 were an increase in the rate of employee cases of NIHL reported by our operated assets in 南美. This was due to an increase in testing for 噪音-induced hearing loss this year following a suspension of testing activities as a result of 新型冠状病毒肺炎 impacts last year.

  • 职业暴露

    jdb电子夺宝 has for more than a decade set occupational exposure limits (OELs) for our most material exposures based on the latest scientific evidence. In the case of diesel particulate matter (DPM), jdb电子夺宝’s OEL is lower compared to current regulatory requirements. Where exposures potentially exceed regulatory limits or our stricter limits (where jdb电子夺宝 has stricter limits than local regulatory requirements), respiratory protective equipment is required to be worn.

    除了, for our three most material exposures to DPM, 二氧化硅和煤矿粉尘, we have a five-year target to achieve a 50 per cent reduction in the number of workers potentially exposed(1) as compared to our baseline exposure profile (as at 30 June 2017(2)(3))至2022年6月30日.

    In FY2016, we committed to applying an OEL of 0.03 mg/m3 for DPM and in FY2017 we committed to applying OELs of 1.5 mg/m3 for respirable 煤矿粉尘 by 1 July 2020 and 0.05 mg/m3 for silica by 1 July 2021. Exposure data reported here is based on these limits and in all cases discounts the use of personal protective equipment.

    在FY2021, the number of workers potentially exposed for our most material exposures reduced by 70 per cent compared to the adjusted FY2017 baseline, which is better than our FY2022 target. This includes a reduction of 29 per cent compared to FY2020 in the number of workers potentially exposed to silica in excess of our OEL. This reduction was largely due to the reduction in exposures by our 矿物质美洲 operated assets where there was a 35 per cent reduction compared to the previous year.

    除了, work to control exposure to DPM at 镍 West and Olympic Dam resulted in a 12 per cent reduction compared to FY2020 in the number of workers potentially exposed to DPM. We reported no potential exposures in excess of our OEL for respirable 煤矿粉尘 last year; however, we have reported a workgroup as being potentially exposed in excess of our OEL in FY2021 in one of our coal operated assets. jdb电子夺宝app承诺在下一个报告期内减少这一暴露于低于OEL的风险.

    关于健康危害的培训在聘用时和之后定期提供. Workers who use hearing and respiratory protective devices are provided with information on health exposures and training when they are fit tested for those devices. Where workers take part in occupational exposure assessment programs, 他们收到关于他们的结果的书面反馈,并将去识别数据提供给一线管理人员.

    We are progressing a project designed to enable real-time monitoring of silica and DPM and have deployed real-time monitors in our 澳大利亚矿产资源 and 矿物质美洲 operated assets . Fixed-position monitors can identify dusty conditions in real time, 能够进行控制,如增加通风或喷水. 个人监控的数据是在轮班结束时获得的,而不是几周后, 当样品送到实验室进行分析的结果出来时. 这使jdb电子夺宝app能够在潜在的暴露增加或超过jdb电子夺宝app的OEL时立即采取行动.


    (1) For exposures exceeding our FY2017 occupational exposure limits discounting the use of personal protective equipment, 在需要时.
    (2) 的 baseline exposure profile is derived through a combination of quantitative exposure measurements and qualitative assessments undertaken by specialist occupational hygienists consistent with best practice as defined by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

  • 煤矿粉尘肺病

    In our 可持续性 Report for FY2017, jdb电子夺宝app报道了煤矿工人尘肺病(CWP)在jdb电子夺宝app行业的重新识别, the number of our current employees and former workers who had been diagnosed with CWP and the steps we had taken in response. jdb电子夺宝app已在随后的每个财政年度的报告中更新了这些信息.

    在FY2021, four cases of 煤矿粉尘 lung disease (CMDLD)(4) were recorded at our BMA operated asset. 四起案件中有两起涉及在职工人,另外两起与前工人有关.

    We have implemented controls at all our operated assets with the goal of ensuring none of our workers are exposed to respirable 煤矿粉尘 in excess of our OEL. We continue to be vigilant with projects such as real-time dust monitoring to ensure exposures remain controlled.

    寻求加强监管框架和卫生监督系统, we will continue to provide input and share improvements in technical knowledge and controls with the Queensland Government and the coal mining industry more broadly through industry associations and working groups.

    (4) CMDLD is the name given to the lung diseases related to exposure to 煤矿粉尘 and includes coal workers’ pneumoconiosis, 矽肺病, mixed dust pneumoconiosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  • 心理健康

    We continued to prioritise focus on the mental health of our people in FY2021 and are making good progress with the implementation of our Group-wide Mental 健康 Framework.

    在FY2021, jdb电子夺宝 joined a Global Business Collaboration (GBC) for Better Workplace Mental 健康 as a founding partner. Along with global organisations, 如德勤全球, 汇丰银行, 联合利华, Salesforce and Clifford Chance, the GBC aims to advocate for and accelerate positive change for mental health in the workplace worldwide. 的 ambitions of the GBC include:

    • creating a platform for collaboration between leading businesses and experts to address poor mental health and stigma in the workplace
    • raising awareness of the importance of workplace mental health
    • facilitating the adoption of best practice through the creation of a road map for change and sharing knowledge and tools

    jdb电子夺宝app继续嵌入各种项目和资源,以支持健康、繁荣的劳动力队伍. jdb电子夺宝app的运营资产和职能积极推动jdb电子夺宝app的弹性计划, which is accessible to all levels of the organisation. 的 program looks at the link between our thoughts, 感觉和行为, recognising early signs of pressure and stress, 重塑jdb电子夺宝app的思维, 在压力大的时候管理和重塑jdb电子夺宝app的思想,管理jdb电子夺宝app的幸福.

    Our Resilience Program is supported by a program refresher, 一个由八部分组成的培训迷你系列,旨在让jdb电子夺宝app的操作员工更容易接受. 为应对2019冠状病毒病(新型冠状病毒肺炎),jdb电子夺宝app在虚拟交付复原力计划方面取得了进展. We developed podcasts and videos to supplement the peer-led program. 新型冠状病毒肺炎病例在项目交付期间进行了讨论.

    Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) continues to be promoted across jdb电子夺宝 to provide access to counselling support as well as other support programs, such as Supervisor Support and Better Sleep. 应对新冠肺炎, 澳大利亚矿产资源 increased access to counselling through employee assistance programs and implemented additional support through our EAP provider, such as daily and group presentations.

    的 Thrive Mental 健康 app is available to all our employees to help them understand and manage mental health issues. It includes modules on mental health at home and at work, 睡眠和疲劳, mental health conditions and 新型冠状病毒肺炎 wellbeing resources.

    在FY2021, jdb电子夺宝app更新了jdb电子夺宝app的心理健康风险评估,以包括心理社会危害, 在工作的设计或管理中,哪些东西会增加工作压力的风险 . We will continue our efforts to increase adoption of the mental health risk assessment across our operated assets and functions and strengthen the management of psychosocial risk in the workplace. This will assist us to identify causal or contributory pathways and existing preventative or mitigating controls, after which we can identify and implement improvement opportunities, including in our longer-term mental health strategy, 在jdb电子夺宝app的业务中更好地管理与心理健康相关的风险.

    We continue to assess the progress of our mental wellness journey by using our jdb电子夺宝 Mental 健康 Maturity Curve Assessment for our operated assets, which includes pillars such as culture, 能力, prevention and recovery to assess year-on-year progress against those pillars and provide focus for future action.