• 在jdb电子夺宝工作是什么感觉?

    At the core of what we stand for as an organisation is a commitment to put health and safety first, 对环境负责,支持jdb电子夺宝app运营的当地社区. We are energised by the work we do, jdb电子夺宝app做得有多好,jdb电子夺宝app通过创造社会价值产生了什么影响. jdb电子夺宝app的目标是在jdb电子夺宝app的员工队伍中建立自豪感和忠诚度,并始终以符合道德和符合可持续发展宪章价值观的方式工作和行为, 完整性, 尊重, 性能, 简单性和问责制. 作为jdb电子夺宝团队的一员, you will work with highly skilled, functional experts who share these values. 

    查看jdb电子夺宝app的候选指南 在这里.

    Vea nuestra guía para candidatos aqui.


  • How do I apply for a job with jdb电子夺宝?
    The best way is to submit your resume (or CV) online in response to one of our advertised positions. When you have completed the online application process, jdb电子夺宝app的人才招聘专家将审核您的申请. 请确保您输入的所有信息正确,以便jdb电子夺宝app与您联系.
  • 从我申请开始,招聘过程通常需要多长时间?
    We try to work through your recruitment as quickly as we can. jdb电子夺宝app的团队手动检查所有应用程序和某些角色, this can take some time so please be patient. 你可以通过在线查看求职者的个人资料来更新你的申请 在这里.
  • 作为一个申请者,我能从选择过程中期待什么?

    Our candidate experience may include any of the following:

    • online application (submission of resume);
    • 能力测试;
    • 虚拟评估(HireVue);
    • eng年龄ment centre (either face to face or virtual);
    • 电话采访中;
    • 行为为基础的面试;
    • 尽职调查, background, 刑事, 新型冠状病毒肺炎疫苗接种情况(在澳大利亚)和背景调查;
    • medical assessments (for select roles).
  • W在这里 can I find out more about the recruitment process?

    有关jdb电子夺宝app招聘过程的更多信息,请查看jdb电子夺宝app的候选人工具包, which explain each step in more detail:

  • 在澳大利亚,我是否需要接种新型冠状病毒肺炎疫苗才能为jdb电子夺宝工作? 

    是的. 新型冠状病毒肺炎 vaccination will be a condition of entry to jdb电子夺宝 workplaces in 澳大利亚 as of 31 January 2022. You will need to be fully vaccinated (both doses) to access jdb电子夺宝 workplaces beyond these dates. The requirement will come into effect on earlier dates w在这里 needed due to Government public health orders (e.g. 维多利亚州和西澳大利亚州)或其他风险因素,如任何当地新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情的爆发状况和州政府重新开放的计划, 如新南威尔士. 

    Alternative effective dates for vaccination:

    • WA: The effective vaccination dates for WA aligned with State Government public health orders: 
      • 暴露的港口/船舶/船舶接触者必须在2021年10月15日之前接种第一剂疫苗,并在2021年11月12日之前全面接种疫苗. 
      • All other workers are required to have their first vaccination dose by 1 December 2021, and to be fully vaccinated by 1 January 2022. 
    • 新南威尔士州: Considering the current 新型冠状病毒肺炎 outbreak in 新南威尔士州 and the State Government plan to ease restrictions, 新南威尔士州jdb电子夺宝工作场所的工人和访客必须在2021年11月10日之前接种第一剂疫苗,并在2022年1月31日之前完全接种疫苗. 
    • 维多利亚:墨尔本办事处关闭了一段时间,现在开始重新开放. 供在封闭期间可进入的获授权工人使用, 州政府要求这些工作人员在2021年10月15日之前接种第一剂疫苗,并在2021年11月26日之前全面接种疫苗. Further announcements will be made once a decision is made to re-open the Melbourne office. 
  • Why has jdb电子夺宝 made the 新型冠状病毒肺炎 vaccination a condition of entry to its workplaces in 澳大利亚?
    安全 is our number one priority.  

    疫苗接种将有助于防止新型冠状病毒肺炎在jdb电子夺宝的工作场所传播导致严重疾病或死亡,因此jdb电子夺宝app正在此基础上采取行动. 最近的数据表明,未接种疫苗的人因新型冠状病毒肺炎而住院的可能性是接种疫苗的人的17倍.

    jdb电子夺宝 has to keep its workforce safe. 进入jdb电子夺宝app工作场所的这个条件是为了保证jdb电子夺宝app人民的安全.

    你可以 听到更多 来自澳大利亚矿业公司总裁埃德加·巴斯托的意见. 
  • jdb电子夺宝在招聘过程中提供了什么样的支持和反馈?
    If you progress to our Virtual Assessment with HireVue, 你将会得到反馈,详细说明你在评估中的表现.

    If you progress to an interview or eng年龄ment centre, 您将收到关于jdb电子夺宝app流程和结果的电话和/或电子邮件更新. 

    你可以登录jdb电子夺宝app的招聘网站,查看求职者的个人资料,随时更新你的申请, 可以找到 在这里.
  • If I'm unsuccessful this time, can I re-apply?

    是的. 并不是所有在jdb电子夺宝工作的人都能在第一次申请时获得成功. 找到适合你技能的合适职位需要时间.

    As you have applied online, your details will remain on our system for up to 12 months. Our Talent Acquisition team may consider you for other opportunities across jdb电子夺宝 relevant to your experience, 如果合适,可以通过电话或电子邮件联系你.

  • Can I apply for a job in a country other than my own?

    jdb电子夺宝在全球范围内提供广泛的就业机会. 然而, jdb电子夺宝没有自动赞助未获授权在特定国家工作的候选人的政策. If you have the required skills and experience for the position, we suggest you make an application.

  • 我可以将我的申请直接通过电子邮件发送到人才获取团队吗?

    No. All applications must be made online, 通过jdb电子夺宝app的职业页面, 因此,jdb电子夺宝app可以很容易地跟踪您的申请,并根据jdb电子夺宝app拥有的机会评估您的技能和经验.

  • Do I need to include a cover letter with my application?

    Your resume will suffice at this st年龄, however our Talent Acquisition team will contact you if further documentation is required.

  • Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

    绝对. 欢迎您申请jdb电子夺宝app的任何职位,只要您认为符合您的技能和职业志向.

  • 谁可以递交申请?
    jdb电子夺宝app的招聘广告旨在吸引有兴趣加入jdb电子夺宝的人. They are not intended for recruitment suppliers. jdb电子夺宝app将不承担任何与招聘供应商主动申请有关的费用.
  • 什么是工作警觉性?

    A Job Alert will automatically send you an email when new jobs are published to our website. 你可以创建一个工作提醒,告诉jdb电子夺宝app你的偏好,匹配的工作将通过电子邮件发送给你,每周或每月考虑. 您可以在登录到候选人简介后,从右上角的选项菜单创建工作提醒.

  • Does jdb电子夺宝 have a Graduate or Internship Program for students?

    We have both an internship and graduate program. For more information on these programs please click 在这里.

    请注意,根据你所在的地区,这些职位只在一年中的特定时间提供,提供给本地学生或那些持有有效工作签证的学生. 你可以 also sign up for job alerts to be notified when the program opens in your location.


  • What tests and pre-screening activities will I have to do?

    jdb电子夺宝app可能会要求你做一个视频面试和一些在线能力测试. To get you ready for this, we’ll send you an email with instructions and practice tests. 确保你仔细阅读了所有这些信息,并经常练习视频问题和测试,这样你就知道会发生什么,并有最大的成功机会.

  • 如果我在现场工作,不能按时完成评估怎么办?

    Our advice is to do the pre-screening activities or online assessments as soon as you can, however we understand that people have rosters and other commitments that might delay this process.

    你可以 jdb电子夺宝 to let us know about any delays or issues you may be having in completing these assessments.

  • 我以前从来没有做过视频采访,所以感到有点紧张. What should I be worried about?

    It is totally understandable you may feel a bit nervous. 请尽量不要担心, and consider these steps to help set yourself up and be prepared for your video interview.

    • Check what your camera is going to see,
    • 测试你的麦克风和声音
    • Allow yourself plenty of time,
    • Relax as much as possible and remember you are just talking about yourself and your experience.

    It’s in our best interest for you to do well so we will be helping you succeed as much as we can.

  • 如果我有残疾或神经多样性,是否有可能在jdb电子夺宝工作?

    是的. We encour年龄 applications from people of all abilities. 由于每个人及其处境都是独特的,jdb电子夺宝app以个人为基础来看待这个问题. jdb电子夺宝app积极鼓励你申请适合自己背景和技能的职位. 

    你可以 email us 在这里 (inclusion@bhp.Com)以获取更多信息,并了解jdb电子夺宝app如何与您合作,以确保jdb电子夺宝app的招聘过程是公平的.


  • jdb电子夺宝在他们的招聘过程中提供什么样的条件? Who do I contact to request any further accommodations? 

    jdb电子夺宝 is committed to an inclusive culture, including providing a recruitment process is fair, equitable and accessible for all. If you have a 残疾 and/or are neuro-diverse, jdb电子夺宝app知道,这可能有助于jdb电子夺宝app调整jdb电子夺宝app的过程,使其公平和可访问的您的个人情况.

    Please jdb电子夺宝 在这里 (inclusion@cupplatech.com) so we can work with you on this. 请了解,在披露您的个人情况或情况时,您不会在jdb电子夺宝app的过程中处于不利地位.

  • 我认为自己是跨性别者,或者我正在确认我的性别, 我是否需要在招聘过程中分享这些信息?

    这完全取决于你, 但是,如果您在招聘过程中披露了这一点,请知道这不会使您在jdb电子夺宝app的招聘过程中处于不利地位.


    At jdb电子夺宝, we want our people to feel safe and comfortable to bring their whole selves to work. jdb电子夺宝app坚信,任何员工或候选人都不应迫于压力而隐瞒自己的身份——无论是性别身份, 性别或性取向. 


    We are committed to mitigating bias in our recruitment processes to ensure LGBT+ people are respected, valued and free from discrimination. For further support information please view our Applicant Information Guide for Transgender, Gender Diverse (TGD) and Non-Binary Candidates.

  • 为什么你会问一些能分辨出一个人性别的私人问题呢, ethnicity or 残疾 and how is this data used?
    了解多样性的这些方面,使jdb电子夺宝app能够采取交叉方法来实现包容和多样性, recognising that different aspects of diversity can overlap to compound disadvant年龄 and discrimination. We use this information to ensure our recruitment practices are fair and equitable for everyone.
  • I’m experiencing accessibility issues on the site. 我该怎么办??
    jdb电子夺宝app意识到在jdb电子夺宝app的求职网站上可能会出现一些易访问性问题, particularly for screen reader users. If you are having issues with our website when applying for a role or during our recruitment process, please email us 在这里 (inclusion@cupplatech.com) so we can work with you to improve your experience.
  • What technology will I need to get set up and what happens if I can’t connect or drop out half-way?

    一个充满电的手机、智能设备或电脑是你开始工作所需要的一切. 带麦克风的耳机通常音质更好. We know that sometimes technology can let us down. If that happens, don’t worry, we will work on either switching to a different method or rescheduling.

  • 我应该穿什么去虚拟面试或约会中心?

    Wear the same attire you would for a face-to-face interview. 智能休闲装对jdb电子夺宝app来说没什么问题.

  • What questions should I be prepared for?

    We’d like to know why you’ve applied for a particular role. 在jdb电子夺宝,jdb电子夺宝app的价值观和目标对jdb电子夺宝app非常重要. These can be found on our website, jdb电子夺宝app建议你在与jdb电子夺宝app见面之前,想想这些与你喜欢的工作方式和被对待方式之间的共鸣.

  • When is the best time to discuss salary?

    在jdb电子夺宝,jdb电子夺宝app的薪酬具有竞争力和公平的职业, industries and locations in which we operate – to help ensure we can attract and retain the best people.

    当然, salary is only one element of Reward at jdb电子夺宝 and is complimented by our broader Remuneration offering, 包括可变工资 & 激励,退休金,假期,员工股份计划和员工福利. 

    jdb电子夺宝app可以提供 指示性 在招聘过程中的任何时候,职位的薪资范围, 不过,作为工作邀请的一部分,薪资邀请将在招聘过程完成时得到确认.

    你可以 find out information on our broader Remuneration & 在整个招聘过程中,jdb电子夺宝app的人才获取团队提供福利.

Flexibility and work-life balance at jdb电子夺宝

  • At what st年龄 of the application process is it appropriate to discuss flexible options?

    打从一开始. 你可以在申请表上注明,也可以在jdb电子夺宝app面试你的时候告诉jdb电子夺宝app. You will not be disadvant年龄d in the recruitment process for asking about flexible work options.

  • 为jdb电子夺宝工作是否意味着我必须要做一个“飞进飞出”(FIFO)花名册?

    jdb电子夺宝app的大部分工作都是基于jdb电子夺宝app的运营站点,jdb电子夺宝app尽量在jdb电子夺宝app的招聘广告上宣传所有的旅行选择. 然而 t在这里 are many different ways to reach them, with FIFO being just one option, and this can be discussed in your interview.


  • Does jdb电子夺宝 promote from within the organisation?

    是的. jdb电子夺宝app重视员工的发展和内部提拔,并一直在为任何职位寻找强有力的内部候选人. 然而, we also welcome external applicants who can add diversity and different perspectives to our workforce.

  • Are t在这里 opportunities to develop a career at jdb电子夺宝?

    T在这里 are many opportunities to develop your career and make a difference within our Company. As one of the world's largest resources companies, jdb电子夺宝app寻找具有杰出技能和与jdb电子夺宝app价值观相同的人, to work in our business and across commodities, 市场和地理位置. jdb电子夺宝app通过定期的绩效考核和培训发展来提高员工的技能和能力. jdb电子夺宝app的培训和发展计划是在操作层面设计和实施的,以支持当地的需求.

  • 如果我在矿业和资源部门之外工作,我还能在jdb电子夺宝工作吗?

    是的. jdb电子夺宝 hires candidates from a large range of backgrounds, many of which have no previous resources experience. jdb电子夺宝 values diversity of thought and fresh perspectives which someone from outside the sector, 用不同的技能, 能给jdb电子夺宝app的生意带来什么. 一旦进入jdb电子夺宝, 你可以选择很多不同的职业道路,这可能是你以前没有想象过的.

Diversity and inclusion at jdb电子夺宝

  • How do you represent the communities in which you operate?

    Employing directly from our local communities allows us to be an active part of those communities. This allows for an influx of local knowledge and deepens our understanding of local community issues. jdb电子夺宝app所有的企业也被要求制定和实施适合他们需求的多元化计划,并通过一个包容性的工作环境来推动.

  • Why is a diverse and inclusive workforce important to jdb电子夺宝?
    We recognise that we are strengthened by diversity. -每个人都能为工作带来独特的技能、经验和观点.  jdb电子夺宝app致力于提供一个人人参与的工作环境, treated fairly and with respect, and has the opportunity to maximise their potential. 在jdb电子夺宝app的经验, inclusive and diverse teams promote safety, productivity and wellbeing within jdb电子夺宝 and underpins our ability to attract new employees.  

    jdb电子夺宝app是一个机会平等的雇主,并鼓励所有合格的申请人,不论种族, 颜色, 性, 国家的起源, 年龄, 宗教, 残疾, 性取向, 性, 性别认同, 保护资深地位, 公民身份, genetic information or other protected status under federal, 州或地方法律.
  • How does jdb电子夺宝 man年龄 a fair and equitable recruitment process?

    At jdb电子夺宝, we recognise that we are strengthened by diversity. jdb电子夺宝app致力于提供一个人人参与的工作环境, treated fairly and with respect. jdb电子夺宝app是一个机会平等的雇主,jdb电子夺宝app鼓励女性申请, 残疾人, 和土著居民. 如果您需要进行调整以公平地参与招聘过程,请在申请表上注明或发送电子邮件给jdb电子夺宝app. 你们不会在jdb电子夺宝app的进程中处于不利地位——jdb电子夺宝app只是想确保这对所有人都是公平和公平的.


  • 如果我在申请一份工作时忘记了我的用户名和密码怎么办?

    The first time you apply for a position you will be asked to create an account through jdb电子夺宝’s jdb电子夺宝app site. 

    When you return to jdb电子夺宝 jdb电子夺宝app p年龄 to log in, you will be asked for your email address and password. 如果您忘记密码,请点击“忘记密码??”链接. You will then be emailed a new link to reset your password.

  • I am encountering a problem accessing and using this site. 我该怎么办??

    首先,确定你是否能够访问其他网站. If you are certain that the issue is specifically related to the jdb电子夺宝 Jobs site, please jdb电子夺宝.

Do you have a question that has been unanswered? If after reading through these questions and answers your query has still not been answered, 请与jdb电子夺宝app联系 在这里.